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    Bitter Pill is a band that plays rock music for you. We craft our songs around our emotions and perceptions, blending clever hooks and interesting rhythms into cohesive songs in the style of quasi-emo-pseudo-progressive-alterna-rock. We hope you enjoy your stay here and come see us there.
    - Bitter Pill



  1. 7 1/2 words that best describe me: I think I'm best described as a sympa...
  2. Instrument of choice: I believe that my vocation was the bass (with an extra cable thrown on for good measure)
  3. Hometown: Green Bay, WI, Land of the free and Home of those who love sweatpants far too much.
  4. Why you decided to join the band: Because it is billions of times cooler to tell new aquaintences, "Hi, I'm Chris. I play bass in a rock band." than, " Hi, I'm Chris. I'm also rather tall." They could probably figure out the last one on their own.
  5. Turtles? (checking for PETA, looking under the desk for PETA) Clear? (uh, huh) Then yes, definitely.
  6. Favorite bands: Galactic Cowboys, King's X, Radiohead, Zao, this Swedish band called Sanctum (if you ever get a chance to see them live, I implore you to do so), and an imaginary super-group of David Bowie with The Cure.


  1. 7.5 words that describe me. Where should I begin. I was born bef...
  2. Instrument of choice: I really love the piano, but could never write anything on it. I suppose I had better say guitar.
  3. Hometown: I'm originally from Drayton Valley, Alberta. We moved to Wisconsin about ten years ago, but ever since they showed a special at 1:00 am during the olympics about how cool everybody thinks Canada is, I stopped telling anyone the Wisconsin bit.
  4. Why I joined the band: Don't talk to me about joining. I started this thing! Hahahaha!!! Well, Chris did help start the band. And he did come up with the name. And he does all the creative stuff. And he's much better looking than I am. I don't like this question.
  5. Turtles: No. Hahahaha!!!
  6. Favorite bands: How about I list for you my five favorite albums of all time at the moment:
    1. Revolver, The Beatles
    2. Winners Never Quit, Pedro the Lion
    3. KidA, Radiohead
    4. return of the Rentals
    5. The Rising Tide, Sunny Day Real Estate
      Honorable mentions: Stereoscope, Bumpus. Anima, Tool. The Nightmare Before Christmas, Danny Elfman. Carmina Burana, Orff.
  7. Is Chris really better looking than you: No, no of course not. He certainly is taller than me, however.


  1. 7 1/2 words that best describe you:
    Haiku in bottles
    Sunrise tomorrow
    Insomnia Flying ti-
  2. Instrument of choice: Three piece drumset with hi-hat, thin crash, and cowbell
  3. Hometown: Rochester, MN
  4. Why you decided to join the band: Bored, very bored.
  5. Turtles? Donatello
  6. Favorite bands: They Might Be Giants, Ben Folds, Benchwarmers, White Miles


  1. Seven words that best describe me: Unique, caring, hip, original, cool, and awesome, intell...
  2. Instrument of choice: Bagpipes
  3. Hometown: Elkhorn, WI. AKA E-Town.
  4. Why you joined the band: Part of me was used when I helped the band make the "double-necked guitar" wonder that has a sound all its own. Then the rest of me was morphed into the band member you see now while I helped them look for a keyboardist.
  5. Turtles? Bake a dozen at 350 deg. for 30 minutes. Add corn, carrots and a pinch of salt, viola! Turtles in a shell.
  6. Favorite bands: Bitter Pill (duh!), Dave Matthews Band, Tool, They Might Be Giants, Sevendust, U2, Radiohead, lots more.

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