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12-Gauge Tea

Story Behind the Song
This is our most depressing song lyrically, yet the happiest sounding sonically. It is about depression and thoughts of suicide.

Verse 1 I sometimes think I'm dead
then i wake the world is spinning
round and round my head
then i hate that i'm awake 'cause
Chorus 1 I'm angry at myself and i wish that i wouldn't always cry cry cry
I'm angry at myself and i wish that i could lay down and die die die
Chorus 2 and if you would chance to see
my best friend please come tell me
i'll be in my room i'll be in my room,
hating this mess and drinking twelve gage tea
Verse 2 enough of this self searching
'cause i know who to blame
i'm the lost and worthless one
i don't deserve a name
but that's ok friend anyway,
'cause we all look the same

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