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Story Behind the Song
When people are looking for something, they can usually trick themselves into witnessing it. This song we recorded in one take, and we let the bass player sing on it.

Verse 1 all the time, when the stairs creak louder,
oh, how, how long can i wait for voices.
the corridors are black, i'm the only one at home,
the brochure said the girl had died here.
the fireplace in coals, casting shadows on the walls.
somehow please start dancing for me,
somehow please start dancing on the walls.
Chorus it's getting colder and the wind is howling through the trees for me.
the lightning strikes, the thunder rumbles,
the lights go out, and i wait for you.
show your face,
an apparition, a ghostly vision,
just a little old bump in the middle of the night.
and all i wanted, was a little fright.
Verse 2 i get up, and i light a candle.
oh, how, i love to see the flame, it flickers.
i let my mind wander off, i dare to close my eyes,
the chill i feel is so refreshing.
there's a rattling upstairs, i sit back in my chair.
i think i should go get my camera, to show that guy who said i'm crazy it's real.

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