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Story Behind the Song
This is about the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and hope to keep on walking. the tones of the instruments were processed just right and are as perfect as a basement mastering job could ever amount to (they sound good through pre-amps).

Verse 1 the windwept rills of the craggen hills are painted shadow sad
the sun is swallowed by gaunt boned clouds, i hope to see it again
the darkness fades from dark to black and overflows w/ dread
but oh the joy that fills my soul, i see a point of light
Chorus of light
Verse 2 I see ever roaming souls
that crash and burn without a sound
we cry for help and hear no answers
echos fustrate seaking sounds
Verse 3 but after times of searching homeless
the dark is torn from end to end
I bring good news to those who listen
my eyes have seen a hope that shines
my eyes have seen a brilliant light

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