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Know or Not the Answer Then

Verse 1 Choose we this day if we will see truth, but then we must follow through.
That was is pain but if you want me to I will go in with you.
Or we can slip into a world where we donít know or have a clue.
That way is numb and feels so wrong, but then I would go in with you.
Choose either one but in the end thereís one thing that we still must do.
Verse 2 Numb or not each manís a lamb, trying in vain to understand.
Treat them all with love and joy, protect them all as best you can.
Pained or sleeping beggar men, returning to their bile again.
Give them all your worldly goods, realize you're one of them
Chorus Love mercy, love justice.
Walk humbly with your God.
He has shown thee what is good
and what the Lord requires of thee.
Bridge Now we see as in a mirror dimly, but then we'll see face to face.
Holy holy, Lord God Almighty, Savior of the human race.

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