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Verse 1 His eyes were swollen for lack of sleep.
He loved them all, but had lost all hope.
The promises just didnít keep.
Apologies in an envelope.
Chorus 1 And soon they all would rue
that no one had a clue
that one of Godís little ones
didnít know what to do.
Verse 2 His friend drove up to just stop by,
but the lights were out and the door was locked with
chains and deadbolts. Heíd left the house,
and the car was gone and the bridge was out.
Chorus 2 And it was such a shame.
No one knows who to blame
that one of Godís little ones
felt so estranged.
Verse 3 And as the bubbles flew past his eyes,
and as his headlights shone so bright
through the water that dark night,
he realized things would have been alright.

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